Reverse Treasure Hunt, Investigative Adventurers 8 episode TV Series



   Solve the mystery of Nomoli Gods and Stone figurines which has baffled man since Portuguese sailors first discovered them in Africa in the 1400’s. How old are they? Who carved them and why? How are they used by the natives? Do they still contain ancient mystical powers?
Capitalizing on the most successful current genre as evidenced by History Channel’s recent purchase of 30 episodes of “Oak Island” and one season plus 10 episodes of “Civil War Gold”
Our viewers will not suffer “empty treasure chest syndrome” we have already found the treasure!
    Charismatic adventurers “Nomoli Ben” and his son Quin search for answers inspired by experiences with their collection. From Lancaster Pennsylvania they reach out and connect with top experts in numerous fields finding only more questions and sparse information. Eventually they recognize, the answers lie deep in the forbidden, dangerous jungles of West Africa. Areas which for covert ops are classified as extremely hostile... Rated at beyond treacherous… Proceed at your own peril/zero support…. Bodies Not Recovered! In addition to deadly animals and terrain there are forces on the ground wielding great power and violence who will stop at nothing to keep us from finding or filming these stones. It’s not happenstance you’ve never heard of Nomoli Gods or stones… evil has suppressed their power for a hundred years and will try throughout our show.
    We will need to find the Chiefs, Shamans and Medicine men/women while maintaining stealth and secrecy to protect our agents and the film. Through his friend Bill, Ben has long standing contacts like agent K… world’s foremost Nomoli Hunter. He is the only man willing and capable of uncovering the ancient secrets. Ben and Q fund and coordinate the expedition remotely, following every move, praying their team will return alive. Eventually, overcoming all challenges, the expedition captures and retrieves the first ever unprecedented, exclusive access footage of Nomoli in the Bush! And much, Much more!
    Each episode uncovers answers to the questions; Who were these Gods and what is the possible connection to Easter Island, The Dogon Tribe and even Atlantis? How does the new information we discover impact ancient alien/ancient civilization theories and historical preconceptions? What is their possible application in alternative medicine, science, altered states, and more? Our world class, museum exhibited collection of artifacts will be tested, evaluated and most importantly activated by experts in traditional and emerging modalities/healing techniques. We have previously field tested and know dynamic, profound impact occurs when sensitives/healers/spiritualists and the afflicted touch these artifacts. We will capture these reactions and phenomenon on camera.
NOTE: We have already captured visual, undeniable and incredible phenomenon on camera on our first expedition. We will take this film to experts, theorists and spiritualists to ask… “What is this?”
    We have an amazing cast of characters. Dramatic reenactments of historic scenes surrounding the Vonderheide collection of Nomoli include Bill Diamonds, a true to life Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. Traversing the jungles, with agent K, decades ago making the contacts that offered up stones! The Chief’s, Shamans and Medicine Men/Women he meets and the evil and dangerous men always nearby. Far back in time CGI and reenactment flesh out the Natives rendition of Nomoli Gods descending from the heavens and then living with their ancient ancestors, blessing them with these stones.
    We seek a production company to partner and profit on our research, work and exclusive access.
Nomoli Ben and Q