The Shirley and Bennett J. Vonderheide Collection


Ancient Aliens TV Show designates Nomoli within top all time Mysterious
Artifacts Featuring Figurines from the Vonderheide collection in two new

"Best Of" episodes.

1) Season 18 Episode 15 Mysterious Artifacts, August 5th 2022
" Ancient Aliens has investigated the world's oldest and most incredible relics up close and in 
person. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the most mysterious artifacts from all over 
the globe - artifacts that he believes provide undeniable proof of extraterrestrial contact."

This includes every artifact ever shown in the history of Ancient Aliens TV and is an amazing 
validation of the importance of Nomoli figurines.

 2) Ancient Alien Ultimate Evidence Season 1 Episode 6, October 31st 2022
" Fascinating evidence found in mysterious carvings, symbols, and structures."
Again, encompassing entire history of Ancient Aliens TV episodes, featuring the most significant
all-time carvings.

This is the most prominent collection of Nomoli in history and a prime inspiration in the 
awareness and education campaign led by Mr. Vonderheide. This effort has proven the most 
successful campaign ever to bring these artifacts back into vogue and promote their rise from 
suppression and absolute obscurity.

Museum Exhibited 
African Art Museum of Maryland 

The Vonderheide collection was exhibited at The African Art Museum of Maryland. 
Initially scheduled for six months, extended exhibit ran from 2016 through 2018 due to interest 
and excitement generated. (Video of exhibit on

Authenticated by Professor Kwaku Ofori-Ansa
World Renowned African Art History Professor
 Foremost Expert on Nomoli

“All pieces shown here are believed to be authentic examples of soapstone sculptures and
hooded masks from that region. The civil war that occurred in the region in the 1970s and the 
current anti-indigenous traditions by some of the hard-line religious groups resulted in the 
destruction of traditional art and therefore rendered these types of sculptures hard to find. Their 
acquisition therefore, is deemed a timely intervention to preserve a priceless artistic treasure for 

Professor Ofori-Ansa on The Shirley and Bennett J. Vonderheide Collection (Reprinted from 
Museum exhibition poster)
(Video of Professor Ofori-Ansa presenting Vonderheide collection on
Biography: Professor of African Art History at Howard University. (Retired)

“Kwaku Ofori-Ansa was born in Aboasa, Ghana where he received his academic and 
professional training in teaching and specialist training in art education and art history at the 
University of Cape Coast's College of Education at Winneba. He holds MFA and M.Ed. degrees 
from Howard University and M.Ed. and Ed.D. degrees from Columbia University Teachers' 
College in New York.

He has authored several articles and self-published educational charts, posters and 
calendars on African visual culture, including Kente is More than a Cloth, Meanings of Symbols ​
in Adinkra Cloth, Weights of Wisdom: History, Production and Uses of Akan Gold Weights, 
Royal and Sacred Stools of the Akan People of Ghana, and Royal Linguists Staffs of the Akan 
People of Ghana. He has also curated many African art exhibitions in Ghana and the US and 
authored many exhibition catalogues. He has participated in numerous group art exhibitions in 
Ghana and in the United States since 1973.

He has served as a consultant and a participant in several cross-cultural education 
programs in Ghana and the US including the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of 
African Art, the National Museum of Natural History's African Voices Project, the African Art 
Museum of Maryland; the Anacostia Museum of African American Art, Alexandria Museum of 
Black History, the Martin Luther King Memorial Library, Hammonds House Gallery of African 
American Art, Africare, Transafrica, the Alliance` Francais` of the Embassy of France, the 
Embassy of Zimbabwe; Ghana's Mission at the UN, Embassy of Ghana in Washington, DC and 
for Museums and galleries of such universities as the James Madison University, Morgan State 
University, Virginia State University, George Mason University, Morgan State University, 
Columbia University and Howard University.
2011 Howard University Gallery of Art, Division of Fine Arts (Reprint)

Featured on Ancient Aliens TV show, Podcasts, The Next Truth and Phenomina Magazine
The most widely viewed reveal of Nomoli gods and figurines ever on Television featured
the Vonderheide collection and Bennett J. Vonderheide’s appearance as the foremost expert. 
(Season 14, episode 4) (Short video from the TV show on
Featured on dozens of Podcasts airing worldwide.
Featured in most comprehensive articles ever written on Nomoli published by The Next 
Truth  (Germany) and Phenomina (Argentina) magazines.

The Shirley and Bennett J. Vonderheide Collection also includes the only footage of 
Nomoli Artifacts deep in the West African Jungle.

The Vonderheide Collection contains the most widely published and most prominent, 
world class collection, of Nomoli figurines in history.

 Contemporaneously Healing in USA 
Nomoli from the Vonderheide collection have been acquired, activated and implemented 
by healers in the US with amazing results. 

Individuals with no formal training in healing have also engaged figurines from the 
collection with profound results. Testimonials and film being produced for Nomoli Hunters 
program in development.

Acquired from Exclusive Contacts deep in the bush 
Used by Shamans, Medicine Men/Women, Chiefs and Sowie throughout the ages

Bennett J. Vonderheide
717 872-4018