Become A Star On 

"Nomoli Hunters"

​​   Step 1:

To identify potential investors to fund the upfront cost of production-

Securing their interests with Nomoli Figurine(s) to be featured in "Nomoli Hunters" TV Series 

  • Recent Sotheby's Comps can be shown ranging from 6-80k
  • Own a stone from the only collectionof Museum Exhibited, Authenticated Nomoli available &
  • The most prominent collection of Nomoli via exposure in the media, including Ancient Aliens TV Show. 

   Step 2:

To produce film of said Figurine in the investor's possession thereby dramatically increasing the value of that specific stone.

* We anticipate, based upon past experience, that those who utilize our Nomoli in their spiritual/healing circle                                         will manifest profound, mysterious and dynamic results,                                            providing great footage for episodes Ad infinitum  

This will at times make a Star of the investor(s) & group(s) as true treasure hunters and pioneers in their field

  • Investment is secure from beginning to end via possession of ancient artifact
  • For those who are receptive and awake there can be blessings each day through powers infused 

   Step 3 (Optional):

The investor will be in a position to resell his artifact, to a much larger potential market, for an addition profit

  • Investor can then effect their exit strategy or reinvest in additional Nomoli Figurines and possible media venues including the potential of a feature film. A hybrid between Indiana Jones, Blood Diamonds and Roots with a positive and unique spiritual message to be revealed

* For purposes of full disclosure and to avoid any confusion we make the following statement: While we are confident based upon response and connections that Nomoli Hunters will be produced we can not make absolute guarantee whatsoever that could be considered a contract or promise of return on investment.